Monday, June 23, 2008

an eventful saturday distribution

Saturday we gave out one of the most bounteous shares yet-- loaded with tons of spring greens, and a few new summer crops like zucchini & basil!  And yummy kohlrabi which can be eaten raw, sliced up, maybe with a little salt & chili powder...
We had a table of extra plants to give away, the leftover ones that wouldn't fit in our fields!  Many CSA members walked away with a few tomato, eggplant, or melon plants, ready to go in their home gardens.  We also had eggs for sale from the farmer down the road-- he sold everything he brought! 
And we had the final entries for our t-shirt contest, celebrating the 10th year anniversary of being a CSA farm.  Every member voted on their favorite design-- it was a tough decision to make, with so many great entries.
Lots of folks went out to the pea field & picked their own Sugar Snap Peas.  It was great to see everyone out there.
Nick cleaned out the barn-- he took everything out, swept back into those dusty corners, and put it back organized so that now we have twice the room we did before!  Now we can park the tractors, the mowers, the carts, and tools & implements easily without having to move everything around.
And these are the first set of "baby chicks"... looking nearly grown up.  They have quite the hairdos lately, and check out the different colors on their feet.  The 2nd set of chicks is growing up fast too.  Not only plants enjoy this weather apparently.

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