Wednesday, June 4, 2008

planting & picking

We planted sweet potatoes!  Not from seed, not from a piece of tuber, but from these little guys:
They're basically little stems with roots on the bottoms, and you plant them halfway in the soil.  I'm pretty excited, because I LOVE sweet potatoes.
Also we planted melons!  Watermelons & cantalopes that we started in the greenhouse.  I can't wait for them to fruit.  It was a rainy morning, not too wet, but just moist enough to plant well & feel like we didn't need to irrigate immediately.
In the afternoon we harvested radishes (they were starting to split!) and spinach.  The spinach row we picked from had lots of yellow leaves on it.  Farmer Dave said that we needed to "side-dress" with more fertilizer, because spinach is a 'heavy feeder'.  He spent most of the day working on a fertilizer side-dress-er attachment to the Cub tractor.  This actually puts the fertilizer right into the soil next to the plants, where it can access it quickly.  We are hoping to get a regrowth on this spinach we cut (a greener one, after fertilizing):
And look at this handsome broccoli:
Only about an inch and a half at this point... can't wait for broccoli soup!

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