Tuesday, June 24, 2008

harvesting on our own

Farmer Dave has been pretty ill the last few days with a sinus infection, so Nick & I had to do all the harvesting for today's share by ourselves.  We were pretty proud of ourselves for getting everything together when the boss called in sick yesterday-- a good test for when we will need to run our own farms in the future.  I think we had a pretty yummy share this week, including basil, zucchini, kohlrabi, broccoli, bok choi, lettuce, scallions, garlic scapes, turnips, & pick-your-own peas.
We also opened up the flower garden for the first time, for pick-your-own bouquets!  Today we had enough for 6 stems each, but the bunches will become much larger later in the summer as more blooms arrive.  I put this small vase of flowers in my bathroom window & I remembered how much I enjoy fresh flowers inside the house.  Even though I live in a beautiful place, and I can walk about 25 steps outside and be surrounded by flowers, having them inside just feels so luxurious.  Daily reminders to enjoy life's colors & shapes just for the sake of joy.
Speaking of enjoying colors & shapes, here's some beautiful chinese cabbage.  I'd like to make a woodcut of this maybe.  
And the scallions lying so gracefully on this table.
The weather has been crazy lately.  Sun, rain, sun, rain, hail?, thunder, lightning, sun.  Humidity, cool mornings.  Pretty nice to work in.  Farmer Dave says that's enough rain for a while, it can stop now.  The crops are happy.  The weeds are happy too.  A few days of drying out would be perfect to get all our cultivating done, and some plowing and rototilling and planting.  I ran out to the fields this evening when I saw golden drops of rain coming down in the evening sunlight, and sure enough there was a big rainbow arching over the trees.  The first one of the season.


Carol & Drew said...

What is the name of those tiny little pink flowers? They are so sweet. I'm thinking of doing a cutting garden next year and they're great for filler. Thanks!

erin said...

The little pink flowers are a variety of Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, which is white in the wild, but lots of different colors in the gardening world! It is a powerful medicine too, for fevers, and also used in Biodynamic Agriculture.