Friday, June 27, 2008

tomato support team

Most of the day we harvested-- exciting crops like rainbow chard & lettuce from a new field-- "Y".  It always feels pretty good to cut into that first row, everything looking all lush & bounteous.  The field we have been harvesting from, W1, is almost all done now!  

In the afternoon we put up the tomato trellises!  The sprawling plants needed the support badly.  We put 5' pipes in with the post-pounder every 2 plants (3'). 
Then we strapped boxes of plastic twine onto our belts & put the string through two holes in either ends of a piece of dowel.  This provided us with enough leverage-- "arm extension"-- to lift gently underneath the tomato plants and wrap around the posts at a height of about a foot off the ground.
As the tomato plants grow, we will continue to wrap the twine down both sides of the rows, tucking in the sprawling branches to a contained vertical space.  In between we will mulch to keep the weeds down.

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